“Natanz” is a fast-paced story, involving cockpit power-plays, engine failures, near misses, love, lust, and international intrigue. Tom is a skilled executive jet pilot working for an obnoxious boss. When threatened with the sack for canceling a charter when the senior pilot freezes during a near miss, almost killing them all, he resigns and purchases a struggling charter company. Sinking all he has into the venture, he struggles to build the company, while his relationship with his cabin attendant girlfriend is falling apart. When Tom foils an attempt on the life of one of his new customers, saving his crippled plane from an onboard explosion and seemingly unrecoverable loss of control, he becomes the target of the would-be assassin. Recovering from the attempt on his life, he is approached by the CIA to fly a defecting scientist from Iran under the guise of a charter flight. Against his better judgment, he accepts the mission and transfers to England for intensive low-level flight training at the Mac Loop. Surviving an engine failure and crash, he re-evaluates his commitment to the mission. Deciding to continue with the mission, he flies into Iran. On the flight out, he declares an emergency, and drops below radar height, landing at night on a country road to affect the pick up of the defecting scientist and his family. For the next three hours, he must fly at a low level, avoiding searching aircraft. Discovered, and fired upon, his aircraft is badly damaged and crashes in Saudi Arabia. Tom is trapped in the burning wreck, convinced he is about to die. Drifting in and out of semi-consciousness he is aware of the medical team fighting to save his life.


‘Fast-paced, tightly-written, page-turner for anyone who likes aviation-related stories. This is a story of a great flyer and his harrowing experiences. It contains both domestic and foreign intrigue combined with current events in a book that is hard to put down once you have started reading.’

‘I loved the book!! I have an affection for aviation thrillers and happened upon this book by chance. I took that chance and it is a real page-turner. The characters are believable, and it isn’t predictable at all. There are some ‘British-isms’ in the writing and grammar, but it doesn’t detract.
Give it a try. If you like John Nance aviation books, you won’t be disappointed!’

‘A brilliant and well told story; was hooked from start to finish. Looking forward to more from this author…again A very good tale.’

‘Awesome read enjoyed the characters and storyline love, action and drama good from beginning to end would read others from this author.’

‘This is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best flying book I’ve ever read. Could not put it down and even woke up at night to read a chapter. Much better than Tom Clancy who I find to be pedantic. Can’t wait to read the sequel. Well done.’

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