My background is in senior management with Australian and multinational corporations in high technology industries. 

Recent roles at Apple Inc. include Communications Specialist for Global Performance Systems and more recently, Global Vendor Strategy Implementation and Vendor Alliance Manager Asia-Pacific.

My academic achievements include a Master of Management, MBA, and Master of Arts (Writing)

I have self-published four books with an additional three in development. My most recent books, Scrivener 3 for Mac and Scrivener 3 For Windows spent two and over three months respectively as best sellers in their Amazon categories.

My Passion

When writing fiction, I endeavor to incorporate real life and real places in the story. You may find your favourite restaurant, winery, or not so favourite airport mentioned.

With my non-fiction works, I tend towards a larger number of illustrations to a achieve a ‘follow the arrows’ process for the learner to quickly gain knowledge and proficiency.

My coaching is heavily dependent on video interaction, with a belief there is no substitute for seeing.

My Goals

When you retain me to work with you, my goal is for you to be at ease throughout the process and for us to reach a ‘project completed’ agreement together. If you are less than completely satisfied, I want to know and to work to achieve that satisfaction.

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