Scrivener 3 For Mac

From Beginner to Published Author

Learn to use Scrivener V3 for Mac like a seasoned professional with the most comprehensive tutorial on Scrivener V3.

Understand what the tools on the toolbar do and breeze through Scrivener to create your amazing story without having to search for help each time you want to use a feature.

If you’ve heard of Scrivener, you’ve probably heard of its amazing features; how it simplifies writing, enables you to be a more productive writer and when your amazing work is complete, to easily export to all the major eBook and paperback self-publishing platforms. You may have heard how it can free you from having to search for and convince an agent or publisher to even consider your work amongst the thousands of other budding authors by allowing you to self-publish and become a successful author in your chosen genre.

Should you choose the ‘traditional’ approach, Scrivener will help you output your masterpiece in an industry standard format agents and publishers require. One minor hitch is, first you have to learn how to use the amazing Scrivener software. This can be very time-consuming even confusing if you try to learn from the Scrivener users manual which is technical and includes every conceivable function and feature of the program.

This book will provide the information you need to quickly become proficient with Scrivener and enable you to write and export professionally structured books. The creative aspect is up to you.

What you will find in this book: Clearly laid out information on how to make the most of Scrivener. Plenty of screenshots with options clearly described including easy to follow arrowed and numbered steps.

What you will learn: How to Plan, organize, write and revise your masterpiece. How to customize the Scrivener environment to suit your workflow. If you’ve started with another program, how to import that content and easily sort it into chapters and scenes. How to use the Scrivener editing mode that best suits your style and workflow. Compile your project for export to an ebook, print or as a manuscript for submission to an agent or publisher. And very importantly, how to set up a backup strategy to protect your precious work.

If you’re ready to take the next step to become a published author, click on the buy button and we’ll get started.

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